In 1980, Guillaume Dillée took over the independent family valuation consultancy started in 1920 by his grandfather.

As the third generation of the Dillée consultancy, he has made his mark as a leading specialist in French decorative art. Appointed as an expert to the Paris Court of Appeal and to the French Customs Services, Guillaume has, for over 26 years, worked with more than 300,000 works of art providing advice and assistance to clients in the formation and arbitration of collections.

Having been conferred the title Knight of the Order of Arts and Literature by the Minister of Culture, he has also contributed to the enhancement of National Collections.

As a proponent of a strict ethical approach, Guillaume has grown his business internationally by responding to the needs of an ever changing market and he decided to move to Melbourne in 2014.


Sylvie worked for ten years in the Paris financial sector, whilst concurrently developing and pursuing a passion for the renovation of historic monuments and their decoration.

She decided to dedicate herself to this work from 2000 and created artisanal archival collections and databases. As a result, Sylvie has discovered the most talented artisans in artistic traditions dating from the Middle Ages in wood, stone, glass, fabric and gardens.

In moving to Melbourne, Sylvie hopes to extend the influence of this aspect of French culture to the Asia-Pacific region.